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Washington State Certification For

Pilot Escort Vehicle Operators


  • Throughout the Western United States more and more, “Oversize Loads” are being moved over the interstate highway system.  With the increased number of “Oversize Loads” comes an increased requirement for skilled Pilot Escort (P/E) Vehicle Operators who are knowledgeable of the highway system, its hazards and its restrictions.  The P/E Vehicle Operators are the eyes of the permitted vehicle drivers that must maneuver the “Oversize Loads” in a safe manner.  The P/E Vehicle Operator also serves to protect the motoring public and give adequate warning when the “Oversize Load” may be obstructing their lane of travel.
  • As a certified P/E Vehicle Operator you can take pride in the knowledge that you are one of the few in the United States that has had formal training and has been certified to guide “Oversize Loads” over our highways.  Your training, effort and skill will protect the lives and property of the people who daily frequent our highways for commercial and recreation purposes. 
  • In support of the “Oversize Loads” management, you as an P/E Vehicle Operator will assure that loads are moved safely, reducing injuries to the public and making sure that products of great value are moved without damage.  Using your knowledge you will shepherd loads through cities, towns and open highways, avoiding low clearances, navigating roads without shoulders, and crossing bridges with limited clearances. 
  • When you complete this training course satisfactorily, you will receive a wallet-size certification card stating that you have been trained and qualified in the duties of a P/E Vehicle Operator.  It is hoped that the card will be a reminder that you are a trained professional the public can rely on for the skills and competence to do the job correctly.


Course Overview & Special Topics

  1. Understanding the regulations governing Oversized Loads and Escorts
  2. Escort Vehicle Requirements & Restrictions
  3. Responsibilities of agencies & organizations involved with Over-sized Load Movements
  4. Maneuvering the “Oversize Load”
  5. Emergency Equipment – Use & Maintenance
  6. Response to Breakdown or Accident
  7. Industry Unique Requirements
  8. Open Book Exam
  9. Photos Taken (if desired, at no additional charge)


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