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— Washington State Certification For Flaggers


  • The certification course was developed by the Evergreen Safety Council using federal and state guidelines. The materials were reviewed and approved by a Traffic Control Oversight Committee (TCOC).  The TCOC consists of subject matter experts concerned for the safety of personnel who are engaged in the control of traffic in highway work zones, the traveling public, and pedestrians.
  • As a “certification course” instructors are trained to present materials in a specific manner, using specific materials to ensure that the flagger candidates have all been given consistent, documented training with all subjects covered.  Flagging students must subsequently pass a quiz by 80% to ensure their comprehension and ability to access the information from the materials presented.
  • Classes are limited to 30 students which allows for good student – instructor interaction.  Class usually starts at 8:00am and runs for the entire day ending close to 4:00pm.  There are numerous breaks throughout and a lunch break around noon.  Students are responsible for their own meals.  Once the student passes the exam, and all fees are paid, a certification card is mailed to the student within two-three days.  This certification card is good for THREE years.  Other states that currently accept the Washington State flagger certification are Oregon, Idaho & Montana.
  • We also provide students with a three page hand-out that offers a variety of ways to find a flagging job. It also contains a list of contractors that hire flaggers in Washington State.


Course Overview & Special Topics

  1. Flagger Training Requirements
  2. Flagger Qualifications & Responsibilities
  3. Positioning For Safety
  4. Motorist’s Safety
  5. Flagging Signals
  6. The Traffic Control Zone
  7. Night Traffic Control
  8. Pavement Markers & Special Lighting
  9. Freeway Flagging
  10. Utility Flagging
  11. Surveying Along The Centerline
  12. Emergency Response Flagging
  13. Open Book Exam
  14. Photos Taken (if desired at no additional charge)



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