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Who We Are and What We Do


Certified Safety & Health Specialist

Michael Blackmon has been certified as a Safety & Health Specialist through Evergreen Safety Council of Seattle, WA.  Mr. Blackmon has over 20 years experience with Safety & Health, combined with Post Secondary Education as a trainer and Director of Peninsula Institute of Welding Technology in Kenai, Alaska.  Mr. Blackmon was also a charter member of the Alaska Private School Association formed in 1985.

Certified Pilot Car & Flagging Instructor

Mr. Blackmon is also currently certified through Evergreen Safety Council as our Flagging & Pilot Escort Vehicle Operator instructor having taught both classes for private companies, local government agencies and the public. 

Mr. Blackmon has also conducted other safety related training as the Safety Officer for both private industry & government agencies.  Mr. Blackmon’s commitment to safety and his devotion to the student is unquestioned.

Dona Blackmon is our office coordinator and scheduler and comes with over 40 years of office experience in a wide variety of disciplines.

Together, Michael & Dona Blackmon, offer our students a team effort that includes just the right personal touch to make them feel comfortable and confident during their training experience.

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