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To register for any Flagging or Pilot Escort class you must complete a registration form.

There are 2 methods available to complete and return this from.

                            A.) You can print off the form and  mail it along with your Money Order - No Personal Checks

                            B.) You can complete the form on-line and pay online using a credit/debit card going thru PayPal

If you choose to complete the form on-line it is important that you read the "Refund Policy" carefully which is attached to the form.

Choose which method you wish to use below and the link will take you to the appropriate form.

Important Note:

We must receive your REGISTRATION FORM & PAYMENT before you are considered to have a solid reservation in class.  This is First Come - First Served. Your registration form alone is NOT a firm reservation. Anyone that is 30 minutes late for class will be considered a NO-SHOW and their seat may be given to someone on the standby list!


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If you have any questions you may contact us by calling

(509) 684-7632

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